NetDrive3 doesn't copy to S3 drive files Thumbs.db and files that begin with ~$


When we connect S3 drive with NetDrive3 and copy files Thumbs.db or files that begin with ~$ to it, and then disconnect and reconnect this drive, this files are absent. Will this error be fixed?


That’s not a bug. NetDrive3 work as expected. Because many cloud service will deny to create files *.tmp, begins with ~$ and thumbs.db. That’s why NetDrive3 does not upload that files.

But we have a plan(but not scheduled yet) to make possible to change file mask.

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Thanks. Yes, in this case some option of changing file mask is required.

And what is the full list of files not uploaded by NetDrive? Is there anything besides *.tmp, ~$ and thumbs.db?

On windows, three types of file will not uploaded.

begins with ~$

On MacOS



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