NetDrive2 Lizence


we need a NetDrive2 license for an older Windows 2003 server. How can we acquire these? The purchased NetDrive3 license does not work and the customer service does not answer our emails.

I have forwarded this issue (sent to support emai) to our technical members over the weekend, and I just checked the feedback that NetDrive3 version does not work for Windows 2003 server.

Indeed, we are very curious how this version was actually installed.

If you do not want NetDrive3 license for this reason, please confirm me to cancel your purchase order, I will help you with processing it.

Unfortunately, we do not downgrade to NetDrive2 version, and I see you do not have NetDrive2 license.

Sorry for causing the inconvenience.

How can I buy a netdrive2 license? Online we can only buy a Netdrive3 license!

We are currently in NetDrive3 version and we are sorry but we do not downgrade nor sell NetDrive2 version.

Thanks for your understanding.