NetDrive with sftp, new file from server not visible

I have mapped a remote folder using sftp, when i write a file from client, I can see immediatly the file on server.
But if i write a file from server, this file is visible from client after several secons, even if I refresh folder.
If I connect with an sftp client and refresh, I can see immediatly the new file.
Is there an interval for retrieving server information? Is it modifiable?


Dear sistemi.

Thank you for using NetDrive.

As you know, there is an interval for retrieving file list for performance issue.
Unfortunately, it’s not modifiable option right now.

I think it’s a good idea to write a topic in feature request category.


Thank you for your reply.
This is a big problem, as we need a tool to share documents between a server and a client without waiting to much time.
Can you tell me exactly how long is polling interval?
We were evaluating your solution to use on all our customers.


NetDrive caches folder/file structure for faster user response.

NetDrive will refresh folder from remote at least once in 120 seconds. But in your case, you have to refresh from remote every request you try.

NetDrive already has that functionality but not in UI. Because it affects huge speed issue on user response, also network traffic. We’ll discuss about release that on UI and let you know how’s it going.


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