NetDrive WebDav to Seafile Storage

We’re facing a problem with a WebDAV connection to a SEAFILE Storage system.

Connection is no problem, we see everything, we can download without any problems but when we copy a file to a remote folder where only read access (on remote side) is given to WebDav connection user, we’re getting no error message on user front end. It looks like file is uploaded, but this file stays in NetDrive queue with state “Failed”.
The main problem is there’s no notification to end user (access to connected WebDav drive via SMB share) that upload wasn’t successful → user believes everything is fine which isn’t the case.
Creating a sub folder in a remote read only folder throws an error message (a little bit cryptic but an error message)-> An unexpected error … Error 0x8000FFFF: Catastrophic failure.

Any ideas?



In contrast to creation of sub folders, file uploading is processed in asynchronous way. Because of this you cannot receive any feedback when you connect WebDAV drive via SMB share. On the machine where you mounted Seafile WebDAV storage using NetDrive you will receive notifications about failed uploads.


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