NetDrive on RDS Server


We are currently trying to use NetDrive on an RDS envoirement.

Our first problem is with licensing.
After each login, the user is “randomly” assigned to an RDS server and logged in there. This causes NetDrive to display an error message because the license is already activated on another RDS host.

Secondly, the first connection to the WebDav server works. As soon as the user logs out and logs in again, the mounted drive disappears, even though we have enabled the “Mount on Login” option. However, the share is still visible under Network. But not as a drive.

Likewise, a mounted drive of a user is visible to all users who are logged on to that server. What should not be.

Thanks for your help!


Thank you for using NetDrive.

For the first issue, we will find a way you are happy.

For the second one, “login” in a “Mount on login” means “NetDrive login” not “Windows Login”.
and If you mount the drive as a “local drive” not a “network drive”, the drive is not visible to the other users.

I will feedback after discussing about the first issue.


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We changed specially policy for you.

When the user log in NetDrive, the already activated device will be deactivated automatically. So the license message will be not appeared anymore.


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