Netdrive not working properly?

Hi all, we’re trying to implement Netdrive into our workflow as a way to mirror and distribute files across multiple people working remotely.
We purchased a license to one of our remote people and setup an FTP Server on the premises to have this person access the files needed to produce the work.
We selected 50Gb cache option to have info cached locally for the fellow, but everytime he opens the same file, the cache always loads it again from scratch and erases the cache folder contents (at least partially, as we see its size diminish substatially).
This would be alright if it would be a small 1Mb file or something, but we’re talking file clusters with hundreds of files in the vicinity of 5-15 Gb per scenes, which makes this whole process totally inefective.

Is there anyway to configure netdrive to cache to a fast drive using 500Gb of space, instead of the default max of 50Gb?

Is there something we’re missing?

We noticed on the log the following message:

[2021/11/03 01:57:25.225] [ERROR ] [ 19700] [BDRIVE ] Failed to Request/Reply with error = 11, rc = -1 [C:\buildbot\slave-win\netdrive3_release\netdrive3…\common\ZClientSession.cpp:324]
[2021/11/03 01:57:26.229] [ERROR ] [ 19700] Failed to initialize ZCLIENT [C:\buildbot\slave-win\netdrive3_release\netdrive3…\common\ZClientSession.cpp:233]

Could it have anything to do with this?
Kind regards, thanks for your input!

NetDrive cache blocks will be cleared after predefined time. Please refer to following topic.

Because of this your cache will be removed from cache especially when there is limited spaces available for cache other file.

We can change the max limit to 500GB or more. I will post a download for a modified version later.

This logs have nothing to do with cache operations.

Thanks for using NetDrive and your feedback.

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This version added more option to cache capacity.

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Hello Ysh, thank you so much for this updated version, we appreciate it - it would be great if we could also change the cached time, as most of these files do not change (textures, 3D models, animation caches, etc).
We were thinking that netdrive would work a bit like dropbox in the sense that if you change a particular file, it will download locally that same file to a computer, but this option is much more flexible in terms of path naming and sharing across remote computers.
We also thought the cache would download these files permanently to the cache, so that we don’t have to download everytime we need to shoot a render across multiple machines, that need fast access to render frames (1 frame takes between 3-8minutes to render, but opening it after the cache has cleared takes about 16 minutes, and that is tricky if you have to render 300frames for a shot) :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time, if there is a solution for the cached time length let us know please! :wink:
Kind regards,

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