Netdrive interfered with Bloomberg Professional Software Connection


It appears that Netdrive is interfering with my Bloomberg Professional Platform
I have tried to disable the firewall to solve it but to no avail.
Only afterI disable Netdrive can I access my Bloomberg service.


How do I fix this? Please don’t tell me to contact Bloomberg as I have done so and we figured out that Netdrive is the one messing with the settings. A ‘wintrv’ error occasionally pops up.

Thank you

Dear a-asyraf,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Do you mean that the Bloomberg software works when you turn off the NetDrive service(NetDrive3 Agent and NerDrive3 Service)?

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Anyways I solved the problem.
Instead of mounting my drives as ‘local’, I mounted it as ‘network’ drives.
Now my Bloomberg software works. Perhaps it has something to do with security settings?

I don’t know…