NetDrive freezes on the password entry start page. HELP!

NetDrive freezes on the password entry start page

When starting NetDrive3, you will not be able to enter the password. Services nd3svc.exe and ndagent.exe they work. After restarting the services nd3svc.exe and ndagent.exe you can enter a password. We proceed to the selection of disks available for connection. Click connect disk. The program goes into standby mode but the disk is not connected. The standby mode is hanging in operation. There is no lock in “host”.

Windows 10 64bit


Thank you for using NeDrive.

I think we should have a remote session to figure out and solve the issue.

Could you let me know AnyDesk Address and the time you are available with UTC?

You can download it from Download AnyDesk for Free.


Вторник, среда, четверг, пятница, суббота. с 7:00 до 14:00 UTC
528 604 045

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Is the issue solved?