NetDrive freezes on launch

When I start my computer, the Netdrive splash screen shows and doesn’t go away until I manually end the task. It does ma[ 1 of my 2 drives. The FTP drive works, the Google Drive does not, so I assume it is the problem. I have uninstalled & reinstalled NetDrive (making sure I have the latest version) and the problem continues. I have come to really rely on the Google Drive for easy sharing among project members. Having to use Google’s Drive website takes several times longer to accomplish the same tasks. Also I have several scripts using that drive letter than now obviously don’t work, so I have to manually do all those tasks as well. This is costing me money & time.

Never mind - I created a new API key, registered it, deleted the old one, now it works again. Does anyone know if Google’s OAUTH keys expire after so long?

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