NetDrive for Windows 3.1.286 / NetDrive for Mac 3.1.103 Released

NetDrive for Windows 3.1.286 / NetDrive for Mac 3.1.103 released.

This release includes following changes:


  • Supports team license on multi-user operating system
  • Display team name for team licenses
  • Supports multi user on Windows Terminal Server (Windows Version)


  • Improved file listing by removing unnecessary file listing operations
  • Improved back-off procedures when server busy or returns error
  • Improved stability of NetDrive system services


  • FTP, SFTP - Fixed proxy issue which ignores proxy settings
  • Swift - Fixed free space issue which limits max free space at 10TB
  • S3 - Fixed file listing bug
  • Fixed installation issue when Firewall service is stopped (Windows Version)
  • Fixed installation issue when component registration fails (Windows Version)
  • Fixed installation issue on some PC when retrieving device ID from system (Windows Version)
  • Fixed issue which caused pending login screen
  • Fixed issue with auto login at boot (Windows Version)
  • Fixed crash issue which happens when parent directory removed while deleting files in the directory
  • Fixed issue when changing local cache location
  • Fixed issue while refreshing token for cloud services
  • Hubic - Fixed file listing issue when root returned as subdir
  • Fixed issue with drive configurations when using both Windows and Mac version
  • Fixed minor issues on UI