Netdrive for pcloud crypto folder

Hi, I am using netdrive and pcloud sevices, I try to add the pcloud in the netdrive, every thing seem Okay, but I find that crypto folder is the encrypt folder, may I know if there is any way to input decry key? Thanks.

Dear hskgod,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Unfortunately, NetDrive does not yet support pCloud Crypto Folder. We will add pCloud Crypto Folder soon. We’ll let you know when it’s added.


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Dear @hskgod,

We asked pCloud about crypto folder support of 3rd party apps and they said it’s not possible because of security reasons.

The Crypto folder contains client-side encrypted data that is not visible to anyone, except the use that created it. Its contents are locked with a master password and can only be unlocked/decrypted by it within one of our user interfaces.