NetDrive file sending through hyperlink

Hi, I was sending an email to one of my colleague with the hyperlink of a file inside our NetDrive folder but when he was clicking the hyperlink it doesn’t allow him to go directly to the file. Is that normal because we have different computer names that was link to our NetDrive?


Could you give more details to figure out?

What is “the hyperlink of a file inside out NetDrive”?

Is it a url with a server address?

Please give me more details to help you.


Hi, it was a file inside our server and I copied the address e.g., [E:\Events\Zoom Recordings] and make it as hyperlink on the email so that the person can just click it and it will let him go straight to the folder on our shared drives.

If I am the one who clicks it opens normally. But if the other person it doesn’t allow him.

I think because the hyperlink was created directly to my folders with my computer address?

As I’ve notice in my Netdrive it says WebDAV-Account([\Computer Name](file:///\Computer Name)) (E: ).

I’m not sure if all this makes sense?


I’m afraid that your idea dosen’t make sense.

Your colleague cannot open the path file://ComputerName/path/file because the path is for a local network path and not a http path.

I think you should give a path on a server to your colleague.


Thank you. I think it won’t work on unless we are on the same network.

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