NetDrive File Lock Service is not available - still occurs

There are a few - already closed - topics on this topic, but it still occurs to me.

Of course I tested it with and ‘It works’

The strange thing is, if I open an OpenVPN connection to a completely different server, but with the same provider, the message disappears ! Perhaps this will help solve the problem?

My provider ‘TransIP’ offers paid storage space through their product ‘Stack’. I load those virtual spaces via SFTP with NetDrive.
We rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from the same provider ‘TransIP’ that I access with OpenVPN.


I will research about the issue.

I may ask to have a remote session while researching to figure out.


Of course, you’re welcome

Same problem here, also by the rest of our users.
Windows 10 Pro is fully updated and also Netdrive.
We use NetDrive to connect on a Synology. The Synology is rebooted.

So it can not be system related.

@rien-kok @mcaris

“NetDrive File Lock Service” is related with our websocket server.

The message appears when a websocket fail to connect our websocket server.

If I need your help, I will ask of you.


Okay, so it is something on the site of NetDrive?
And we don’t have to do anything at the moment.

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