NetDrive Does not start Proxy Connection Required

NetDrive version: NetDrive3
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 2012

Uninstalled , rebooted computer several times Installed the latest version.
First message states proxy connection Required
Click OK
Another message box The issue might be caused with internet connection to the bdrive server.

I am able to connect to internet

Thank you for using NetDrive.

The message is shown when your computer is offline or failed to connect our server.
I think NetDrive processes are blocked to access internet by firewall or another protector.


Thanks! What is the process name? What website does it need to connect to? Is there any specific port?
Why does it need internet connection?

You can refer to a following topic.

In addiion, processes are ndagent.exe, nd3svc.exe, NetDrive.exe

To log in Bdrive server, NetDrive3 needs to access internet.