Netdrive crashing more than once per day

Hi all

I am using Netdrive version 3.5.453, and for months now netdrive process/service crashed a least once per day making the drives not accessible
Each time I have to retstart the netdrive service.
I looked into the log, nothing really clear except a mention to the cache folder.
=> [CACHE] [C:\ProgramData\NetDrive3_cache_\SFTP] Total cache : 0(limits : 10,737,418,240

I increased the cache folder from 4GB to 10 GB, but it did not solve the issue

I don’t if it is related but I can sse a blue arrow icon on the drive mounted with Netdrive

Any clue to solve this issue that is really painful fro a production environment ?

thanks in advance


Thank you for using NetDrive.

The version you are using is tool old. Could you try to update the old version Netdrive to the latest version?

Then please check out whether the issue happen or not.


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