Netdrive close not correct

I have NetDrive 3 installed on a Windows 7 pc.
When I shot down my pc correctly, NetDRive are not close automatic.
When I start up my pc the next time, NetDrive3 give a false!
I have 1 account, I must log in on my NetDrive account on the NetDrive-website, the active pc (when shot down is) disactivate and now can I start NetDrive again.

It al days the same. It’s not correct, NetDrive2 have correctly woriking, NetDrive3 is a Damage!!!

Help me please!

(I am sorry, I am a Duytch man, and I speak very bat Englisch.

Thanks for your answord.

NetDrive 3 does not terminate when you shutdown your PC? What version of NetDrive 3 do you use?

Please give us more information about what is the “false” means. Can you attach a screenshot?

If you need to use NetDrive 3 on two PCs you need a 2 devices license. NetDrive 3 does not deactivate your PC when you shutdown it.

Thanks for your feedback.

My version of NetDrive is 3.3.349.
My pc give not a error message, but it doesn’t close

I have Netdrive3 installed on 1 pc and I have 1 license. I don’t understand this problem.

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Recent version of NetDrive has fixed termination issue. If you still have the problem please check your NetDrive version and update if needed.