Netdrive causing Windows Explorer crashes

Essentially, if I have Netdrive3 installed, it makes Windows Explorer essentially useless. I can’t do much in it, as it runs extremely slow. Then, if I attempt to open a folder that is in Netdrive, woah buddy. It essentially “freezes” Windows Explorer. And it takes a good 30+ minutes before I’m able to do anything with it again. Then, add in the fact that if I even attempt to restart the computer or anything, it causes it to hang, and takes a good 20 minutes to restart.

I’ve narrowed it down to Netdrive specifically, as when it is not installed, everything works perfect.

I want to fully uninstall and start from scratch, but can’t seem to do that either. If I uninstall, then delete the leftover folders, then purge my registry and everything, it doesn’t seem to work. I go to reinstall, and my account and drive are still there setup.

So essentially, if there is a fix to the above, I would like to know that. But more importantly, HOW DO I FULLY DELETE ALL TRACES OF NETDRIVE OFF OF MY COMP!? This way I can attempt a completely fresh install of it, without having to do a full OS install again on my PC!

Figured it out. Twas an issue with the C++ side of things. Everything is back to working as it is supposed to after deleting and reloading the C++ items.