NetDrive Agent won't start - can't login - logging doesn't appear to do anything

Hello - We’re on version 3.9.1190 and suddenly our NetAgent service won’t start and we can’t get into the software. I followed the steps to change my logging level to Verbose, but it doesn’t seem to generate anything and the “Open Log Folder” link just opens Windows Explorer to the generic start.

I’ve tried reinstalling - but NetAgent does not want to start.Manually starting it from services immediately crashes.Where do we start to troubleshoot this?


Could you try with NetDrive 3.10.132 beta? Your issue is fixed in NetDrive 3.10.132.

It can be download from


I upgraded to 3.10.132 and everything is back up and running. Thank you for the quick reply.

You’re welcome.

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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