Netdrive 3 Stops loading after reboot windows 10

NetDrive version: 3.5.433.0
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10 Pro Version 1803 Build 17134.48

Every time I restart my laptop Netdrive 3 fails to load.
I then have to uninstall netdrive.
CCleaner my registry to clear dll links
install Netdrive 3 and this will then work.
as soon as i restart my laptop i have to repeat the same process.

Can i please cancel my netdrive 3 licence and swap it for a netdrive 2 licence.
I have no issues with netdrive 2. I have alicence on a secondary machine with the same software and it never has an issue?

I seem to get some form of issues every time windows updates. Getting a bit tiresome that i have to always uninstall, wait for new updates and then waste valuable time re-installing.

Dear customer.

Could you let me know what “my laptop Netdrive 3 fails to load.” means?
Does it mean that NetDrive3 did not start or failed to load some dll?

Or, please check nd3svc.exe, ndagent.exe and NetDrive.exe is running or not after windows log in.

For some reason, the above process can be prohibited by protection program like as anti-virus.

If nd3svc.exe and ndagent.exe is not running, check the start type of the service process in service list.
You can show the list by running “services.msc”.

The start type of the service processes must be “Auto” and the status of the services must be “Running”.


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