Netdrive 3 slow download

i am using Netdrive to map a google drive folder.
In this folder our VM backup software is copying our VMs.
In case of backup, so upload it is pretty fast, but in the case of restore VM or download is super slow, probably 2Mb/s.
Our internet connection is a fiber 1Gb Up/Down.
Someone has a tip for that? I really can’t wait 3 days to restore a VM.

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

As you know, NetDrive doesn’t transfer the file directly to server.
It will be slower than a normal client program, because an explorer or a finder must make a request before sending through NetDrive.

To explain briefly the process of Netdrive,
A normal client :

  1. upload or download command
  2. the client transfer the file to the server.

NetDrive :

  1. shell(explorer or finder) copy command.
  2. The shell writes part of the file to the buffer.
  3. NetDrive transfer the buffer written by the shell.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the shell writes to the buffer for the entire file.

Because NetDrive is a filesystem, NetDrive cannot transfer files by itself.
But we’re constantly working to improve performance.


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