NetDrive 3 connection Synology WebDAV issues


I have a connection problem and need your help.

I was on a server and connected to a Synology WebDAV through NetDrive3. When I selected the storage type as WebDAV, I entered the correct address and user name and password. The software was in a waiting state, a pattern that kept spinning in circles.

On this machine, I installed raiddrive software, using the same address, user name and password, the connection is normal.

May I ask how to solve this problem? Thank you.


Log file compression package, has been sent by private mail, thank you.

I will reply to another topic you attached log files.



Thank you for your reply.

I did have antivirus software installed on my machine, but it didn’t warn me to block the program.

After installing NetDrive on the other two new Windows systems (2016, 2019), I did not get stuck on the account confirmation page. But when you select the connection, it will prompt the system to crash. I have submitted the crash information according to the system prompt at the time of crash.

The above two machines are both virtual systems. Is this related to them?

You sent crash dump files.

I will feedback you again after getting them and reviewing.

NetDrive works well on virtual machine.


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Sorry for late.

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