NetDrive 3 Can not define cache dir to other hard drive?

as title !!, when i change cache dir to other local hard drive letter!
and Netdrive Service restart then I See…
nd3svc_Google Drive.log show
“[ERROR ] [ 9020] [SERVICE ] Failed to check cache path : D:/NetDrive_Cache/\Google Drive [Child.cpp:197]”

YES: I change to d:\NetDrive_Cache to use ! but it can’t work!!! (can’t upload files! and show permission denied)

then, I change back to C:\ProgramData\NetDrive3_cache_
and restart netdrive service, It work OK! WHY ???

can’t change to other drive…
Im install on Server 2012 R2

I found a soultion by my self.
I use mklink (windows command) , just like Linux ln command
link cache to other hard drive directory!

There was a bug in NetDrive3 when change cache folder to another drive. It’s fixed and will be released within this week.


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