Netdrive 3 Cache limit being ignored

HI There,
Just installed Netdrive 3, connected to Google Cloud Storage.
Started running a backup job, from Veeam Backup and Replication.
Job started running fine.
But… then my disk ran out of space…
I looked at the netdrive 3 settings, and its set to use up to 10GB of disk space for cache.
Checked the Cache path and there is a 90Gb file sitting there.
So basically the cache setting has been ignored, or am I missing something.
My backup jobs are quite large, VM backups of servers ranging from 100Gb to 10Tb.
So any large caching is impossible.
Any advice?


Please refer this article to understand how cache works on NetDrive3.


Ah ok, so basically this is useless for VM backups.