NetDrive 3 and Microsoft Background Intelligent Transfer Service

After installation of NetDrive 3 on my Windows 11 PC, I notices that my Windows Updates failed to download and / or Install. I searched online for the errors displayed by Update process but no luck.
I then checked for the status of the Background Intelligent Transfer service that is needed to successfully download and install windows updates.
The BITS service was set to manual and stopped. Each time I set the service to Automatic and started, upon rebooting Windows, the service had stopped and set to Manual.
I then stopped the 2 services of Netdrive 3 and set the BITS to auto and started, Upon rebooting, the BITS service was running and Automatic. I could then update my PC successfully.
However, when I restarted the NetDrive services, same problem as before with BITS.
Any help would be appreciated.

We didn’t received any of problem reports relating to BITS service before.

Our engineering team will check it on business day.

Dear mohankrajan,

The problem with BITS stopping is not related to NetDrive. I ran both BITS and NetDrive services and rebooted. After rebooting, looking at the task manager, both BITS and NetDrive services worked normally.


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