NetDrive 3.8.915 very slow

NetDrive version: 3.8.915
Windows/Mac Version: Win10 Pro x64

Dear all,

why is a via Netdrive3 mapped Google Drive very slow compared to other software?
Below are two pictures, where I noted the used software. It’s the same file, same machine, same Internet connection.

NetDrive3 (0.16 MB/s):

SpeedCommander 18 (3.6 MB/s):

Hello customer.

As you know, NetDrive doesn’t transfer the file directly to server.

It will be slower than a normal client program, because an explorer or a finder must make a request before sending through NetDrive.

We’re constantly working to improve performance.


Does it mean that all traffic will be routed via your server? :hushed:

Absolutely not.

A normal client :
1. upload or download command
2. the client transfer the file to the server.

NetDrive :
1. shell(explorer or finder) copy command.
2. The shell writes part of the file to the buffer.
3. NetDrive transfer the buffer written by the shell.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the shell writes to the buffer for the entire file.

As you know, because NetDrive is a filesystem, NetDrive cannot transfer files by itself.


OK, understood.
I did consider that Germany is a development country with regards to the internet, but the factor 22 of the a.m. example seems a little bit too high even for a development country.

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