NetDrive 3.7.687 problems with Cache

my cache is currently 34.5 gb in size - NetDrive cleans it up itself or must or can I delete it manually?
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I have the same issue as it takes 160 gb from SSD and stops the system, I have searched for a way to limit the amount of space to be used by Netdrive but I could not figure it out. I have 2 drives, so what I have done is to redirect the cache to the other Hard Drive which is not a SDD disc, please let me know if this is OK

I am working with Windows 10 and Google Drive

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There is no problem if you set the cache path to another drive.


Refering to this quote from above:

“NetDrive uses cache for handling files. You can specify cache size in Settings screen. [image] Cache block size is 64KB. For read operations, NetDrive performs prefetching expected file blocks. NetDrive expects and caches next file block when the application requests file blocks sequentially for predefined time. For write operations, NetDrive uses almost same cache size as target file to perform uploading to remote storage. We need whole file to start uploading because remote file storages”

I’m finding the cache behaviour very strange when accessing the mounted Google Drive contents via an SMB share on a remote PC. I will open several files, one after another, and then compare the file sizes to cache file contents. For a brief period of time, the cache file sizes correspond well to the original files.

However, less that a couple of minutes later, the cache file sizes shrink and many disappear. When I then reopen the original files again on the remote PC, the files take awhile to load as if there is no caching. When I check the cache folder again, the cache file sizes have increased again.

Furthermore, if I open several files at once (via the SMB share to the mounted Google Drive) and leave them open on the remote PC, the number and size of the cache files (on the file server where NetDrive is installed) reduces after only a few minutes.

I have allocated 20GB for cache space in the NetDrive config and there’s plenty of free space on the cache disk.

It seems like the cache algorithm isn’t very effective, as the cache lifetime seems way too short…

Is there any way to tune it?

I repeated the caching test, opening 7 PDF documents in FoxIt Reader and leaving them open - only this time, I opened them on the file server directly via the mounted Google Drive (local E:).

After less than 2 minutes, the cache file sizes for 4/7 files dropped to 512KB. Also, scrolling around within the pages of the PDF does seem to cause the cache file sizes to briefly increase for some files; however, they quickly reduce in size again.

In summary: the cache content lifetime seems to be incredibly short, to the point of rendering the caching almost useless. Is this unique to Google Drive caching, or just typical caching behaviour?

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I too would like to know.

I am running into a bottleneck when using NetDrive to mount my Google drives and Plex is scanning the media library. My mount totally halts. I assumed it was because the cache was entirely saturating the alloted 50Gb but that’s not the case. Instead I am seeing miniscule files created with next to no data and all together about 5GB worth of storage is being used.

I am running into the same issue as @Knackster.
I started a thread with the notifications I’m getting due to this issue

same issue, with S3 bucket, cache set to 500GB. only it takes seconds for the cache files to disappear

Please refer to the answer on other topic. Cache not working with S3 buckets - #2 by support1