NetDrive 3.7.687 problems with Cache

my cache is currently 34.5 gb in size - NetDrive cleans it up itself or must or can I delete it manually?
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Hello Alex.

NetDrive will clean it up itself gradually and periodically unless the file is in use. Or you simply could delete it manually.
If you’d like to limit the space used by cache files, you could configure it switching the number on the dropdown menu “cache” group at “application settings” like below


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I have the same issue as it takes 160 gb from SSD and stops the system, I have searched for a way to limit the amount of space to be used by Netdrive but I could not figure it out. I have 2 drives, so what I have done is to redirect the cache to the other Hard Drive which is not a SDD disc, please let me know if this is OK

I am working with Windows 10 and Google Drive

Hello javier.

There is no problem if you set the cache path to another drive.