Netdrive 2 vs 3 Google API and Licensing

I’ve been test driving the trials of NetDrive 2 and 3 and like the product, but had a few questions before purchasing:

  1. I cannot figure out how to use a custom Google Drive API in NetDrive3, is this possible?
  2. If it is not possible, can I still purchase a license for NetDrive2?

Thanks in advance.


Do you mean custom client id / secret for accessing Google API?

If it’s what you want, yes you can register your client ID and secret for Google API here:

I’ve opened other threads for the issues I’m experiencing with nd3 that I’m not seeing with nd2. For now, I’m perfectly happy using nd2 until I can resolve the nd3 issues. I purchased two 2 $20 annual subscription licenses for nd3 (I had to use two accounts as I need to use two separate api keys). Is there anyway I can have those licenses either extended or transferred to nd2 for now? To be clear I will only be using 2 instances of nd, not four as I will not be using nd3 for the time being.

To clarify, this isn’t a dig at nd3. I know you are working hard to resolve issues and it’s a great product, I’m thoroughly impressed with nd2 and am confident 3 will be even better. But for now I just need a reliable version for my scenario which nd2 has proven to be for my needs in my particular setup. So please don’t take my message as a negative remark towards nd3.

How you purchased the annual subscription ?
Please explain in details, and send it to

When i try adding my Google API information, i keep getting

The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. Visit"

I have followed the instructions from

And i have also added

to the redirect list as mentioned from the error, but still unable to get past the 400 error.

I ran into the same exact issue. I ended up having to create a new oauth key, registering that, then it worked, but after a few hours the drive disconnects, and clicking “connect” yields an “access denied” error, and the oauth error starts all over again. This is in nd3. I don’t have these issues with nd2. Ax515, I don’t mind sending info but am a bit hesitant to send to personal details to a Yahoo account. Do you have a way of showing you are with the company? Don’t mean to be a paint but can’t be too safe in today’s IT security climate.

Just to add i am using Netdrive 3 as well. I have tried deleting and creating a new project and added new oauth keys and still get the same error. I ended up giving up for now, until someone finds an answer to fix it =)

Just to add, I also had to sign my browser out of all other Google accounts prior to attempting to authorize.

nice, i will try that! thanks Ed!

Edit: Unfortunately did not work for me

Np. And one other thing. After registering new oauth key I signed out of the nd3 client and back in (to bdrive). Not sure if it was needed but wanted to ensure it picked up my new key. Also noticed that the copy of the oauth string added a tab to the beginning of the line. Make sure you remove that.

Edit: when you add the https://accounts… To the oauth setup in gdrive developer is it saving? I.e. when you go back in it’s still listed?

Edit 2: not sure if it matters but I didn’t delete my project. Just added a second oauth key and for some reason that worked.

Yes, here’s a image of it.

I have also tested it without the / at the end of the address