Need help for refresh files and folder list on a WIndows 2019 Server Stadnard installation of NetDrive 3

We have problems in refreshing the folders and files stored in this local (FTP) unit. Is There any issue on how to refresh the folder faster than the defaultconfiguration? The FTP unit is a storage folder on a VPS on the internet.

Thank You.


Could you try with NetDrive 3.8?

If you press a right button of mouse on a mounted drive by NetDrive, you can see a context menu of “Refresh” menu of NetDrive.



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is there any option that does it automatically?
i cannot force the operator to click on the function in the context menu any time the problem happens.

I also have another problem in this installation. NET Drive does’nt connect to the FTP site

, while i do it with FileZilla client, it connects regularly:

The configuration (site, usernmane and password are the same).

This is the log of the program:
2019/08/30 08:32:44.014] [ERROR ] [ 16540] [SERVICE ] [ nd3 sdk version - child nd3svc : 3.8.888 ] [Child.cpp:130]
[2019/08/30 08:32:54.789] [CRITICAL] [ 16540] [FILESYSTEM] NetDrive filesystem does not installed
[2019/08/30 08:32:54.791] [ERROR ] [ 16540] [SERVICE ] CMounter::empty_mount Mount Failed 2006:R:FTP
[2019/08/30 08:35:02.077] [ERROR ] [ 17100] [SERVICE ] [ nd3 sdk version - child nd3svc : 3.8.888 ] [Child.cpp:130]
[2019/08/30 08:35:02.940] [CRITICAL] [ 17100] [FILESYSTEM] NetDrive filesystem does not installed
[2019/08/30 08:35:02.942] [ERROR ] [ 17100] [SERVICE ] CMounter::empty_mount Mount Failed 2006:R:FTP
[2019/08/30 08:38:10.983] [ERROR ] [ 15140] [SERVICE ] [ nd3 sdk version - child nd3svc : 3.8.888 ] [Child.cpp:130]
[2019/08/30 08:38:11.624] [CRITICAL] [ 15140] [FILESYSTEM] NetDrive filesystem does not installed
[2019/08/30 08:38:11.626] [ERROR ] [ 15140] [SERVICE ] CMounter::empty_mount Mount Failed 2006:R:FTP

Can you help me to bypass the problem?
Connecting the FTP site to local unit is a very important for my business (my managment program uses this function to work properly).

Thank you.

PS. I’m already using NetDrive 3.8.8

The FTP connection between NetDrive and FTP Site is an unencrypted connection (not over TLS) on the TCP port 21.
At the time of the first installation NetDrive connected correctly with the FTP site, but now i cannot. I installed yesterday the updated version (3.8.888) but i had the problem also before the update.

Beside WIndows installation, i have to install the following updates: KB4507419 and KB4511553. Could be those update to make NetDrive mulfunctioning?

Thank you.

now reinstalling netdrive everthing goes alright thanks