Nd3cmd manual page

nd3cmd : Command Line Interface of NetDrive3

nd3cmd <cmmand> [<args>]

List of commands

  • login : Login with bdrive account.
  • logout : Logout from NetDrive.
  • whoami : Show email address of a user kept logged in
  • drivelist : Show drive list.
  • connect : Connect a drive
  • disconnect : Disconnect a drive
  • refreshpath : Refresh a folder list.


nd3cmd login [-f] [-k] [-u useraccount] [-p password]

Login with bdrive account. If you are using SNS login with Google, Twitter of Faceook, then visit https://accounts.bdrive.com/accounts/social/connections/ and set password.


-f : login after force logout another user
-k : keep me logged in


nd3cmd login -k -u email@host.com -p password
nd3cmd login -u email@host.com
nd3cmd login


nd3cmd logout [-f] [-u useraccount] [-p password]

Logout from NetDrive. If there is a user kept logged in, the user will be logged out.

-f : force disconnect even though there are uploading files.


nd3cmd whoami

Show email address of a user kept logged in.
If there is no kept user logged in, show nothing.


nd3cmd drivelist [-u useraccount] [-p password]

Show drive list of a user.


nd3cmd connect -n “drive name” [-u useraccount] [-p password]
nd3cmd connect -i id [-u useraccount] [-p password]

Connect a drive. “id” is a drive item’s id. The id can be got by a command “drivelist”.

-n : Connect a drive by drive name.
-i : Connect a drive by id


nd3cmd connect -n WebDAV -u email@host.com -p password
nd3cmd connect -i 1432


nd3cmd disconnect [-f] -d letter/path
nd3cmd disconenct [-f] -i id
nd3cmd discoonect [-f] -n “drive name”

Disconnect a drive. “id” is a drive item’s id. The id can be got by a command “drivelist”.

-d : Disconnect a connected drive by connected path. The value is a drive letter like a E or F on Windows. On macOS, the value is a connected path like a /Volumes/WebDAV or /Volumes/ftp

-i : Disconnect a connected drive by id

-n :Disconnect a connected drive by drive name


nd3cmd disconnect -d E
nd3cmd disconnect -d /Volumes/SFTP
nd3cmd disconnect -i 1432 -u email@host.com -p password


nd3cmd refreshpath path

Refresh a folder list in a connected drive.


nd3cmd refresh “E:\myfolder\pics”
nd3cmd refresh “/Volumes/WebDAV/myfolder/pics”