ND3 Update to 3.17.960 repeatedly fails

Day after day I receive a “NetDrive3 update screen” as follows:
“A new version of NetDrive3 is available!
NetDrive3 3.17.960 is now available – you have 3.8.921.
Would you like to download it now? :”

I proceed to allow it to upgrade, but the next morning I (repeatedly) receive the same “Update screen” notice… and the version number at the “About” page remains at 3.8.921.
How can I fix this anomalous behavior of NetDrive3 on my 2 Windows 10 computers?

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused. Please update to following version which fixes the issue.


The link you forwarded (…/NetDrive3_Setup-3.18.1058.exe) does not install the program. Instead, it stalls near the end with the following error message: “…unexpected error installing package. May indicate a problem with this package. Error Code 2753 .”
Please review and advise a solution.
Thank You. Joe//

I think it is because that the version difference is big. Please uninstall previous version and install new version.

How do I “uninstall” the previous version (i.e., 3.8.921) ?

You can uninstaller previous version in Settings / Apps screen of Windows.

Please refer to following page.

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