NAS network drive not working with file recovery software

I have a Zyxel NAS Drive that I would like to assign a local drive so that I can run data recovery software. Can you give guidance as to how I might be able to do this as all I get when I run the data recovery software it that the assigned drive is not accessable despite it showing within NetDrive as a local drive.

Any guidane would be most welcomed.

What data recovery software do you use? When NetDrive receives query from system about drive type we reports back that the drive is local drive but some softwares seems to check if it’s a real local drive by some means.

The software that I currently use is ‘Recuva’. Do you know of other software that is recognised by NetDrive3.

It seems that the data recovery software accesses storage using low level I/O system calls and I don’t know of any data recovery software that supports virtual drives. I think you need to directly attach the HDD/SDD in your Zyxel NAS drive to your PC and using those data recovery software to recover your data.

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