Multiple threads during uploading?

Is there any way to configure so multiple connections are used during SFTP uploading rather than uploading files one-by-one ?


The numbers of the background uploading is 4 by default.

If you want to change it, please add two lines below to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bdrive\NetDrive3\x64\ndfs.ini”.


It must be opened by Administrator’s right.

The file edited is attached.

ndfs.txt (84 Bytes)

You must change the extension from .txt to ini after downloading it.


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Is there also a speed cap in place? (trying to figure out why transfer speed is so low)
also some files is really big files, larger than largest cache, would you recommend turning off the cache with filesets like that?

The transfer speed can be limited. But it’s unlimited by default.

If you want to limit the speed, press “OPTIONS” button in configuration window of a drive item then you can see the option.

If the file size you want to upload is larger than the cache size, it’s no problem.

But the free space of the cache path must be larger than the file size you want to upload.

Please refer to below.

If you turn “background uploading” off and “on-the-fly” on, a cache is not used while uploading but it’s slower than “background uploading”.


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