Multiple Sync Jobs causes CloudSync to stop working

Greetings all,

I have set up three sync jobs. I try to activate them, so they will sync, one after the other. Basically, what happens, is that none of the jobs sync, and the only way I can get a job to sync at all, is to remove all but one job, restart the computer, and then restart the sync job.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Sorry for causing any inconvenience.

If you send us the following debug log file, it will help us to check your issue :

  1. Open your CloudSync UI
  2. Stop current sync jobs
  3. Click “Settings” button
  4. Select “DEBUG” from Log Level field
  5. Repeat steps to reproduce your issue
  6. Click “Open log folder” to find “cloudsync.log” file

Thanks for your feedback.

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