Multiple Instances of Bdrive / Netdrive 3 Related Programs Running


I’m wondering why I always have multiple instances of Netdrive 3-related programs open at once? I’ve noticed this for better part of a year now, across multiple Netdrive 3 versions. Doesn’t matter if I’m using Netdrive or not; upon restart they always reopen.


NetDrive version: 3.7.687
Windows/Mac Version: Win10 64bit

Hello tdeingenis

Thank you for using NetDrive.

As you know, there are a kind of processe of NetDrive3.

The processes have a each role.

NetDrive.exe : UI process
ndagent : agent service process for UI. to mount even if not status of windows logged in.
ndmnt : mount helper for explorer.
nd3svc : mounting service process. one process per drive except parent nd3svc
bdcrashreporter : for detecting crash of NetDrive3.


Thank you for the explanation detailing what each process is for.

However, I was more curious about why there were 3 instances of bdcrashreporter running and 2 of nd3svc (the latter of which you just explained). Seems like a lot of processes and instances of processes for an application with only 1 drive mounted.


There are two nd3svc.exe processes.

The one nd3svc.exe is a parent service or a main service.
It is running even if there is no mounted drive.

The another one nd3svc.exe is a service process per each mounted drive.

The parent nd3svc.exe - bdcrashreporter.exe
The child nd3svc.exe - bdcrashreporter.exe
ndagent.exe - bdcrashreporter.exe
NetDrive.exe - bdcrashreporter.exe