MSI Install fails when deploying with Intune

I’m deploying NetDrive 3 with Intune to client machines with the .msi installer. I have used the msiexec /i NetDrive3-version.msi REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vamus option. This fails to install.

I have also tried msiexec /i "NetDrive3-3.17.960.msi" /qn this installs but closes explorer and does not open it again, I cannot expect clients to open task manager and run explorer.

How can I silently deploy this to clients?

This is a fresh install and I have already installed all of the dependencies

Dear laurie-aldam,

You can use a PowerShell script to install

# NetDrive 3 installation script

$msiPath = "Path\NetDrive3-3.17.960.msi"

# Install the MSI silently.
Start-Process msiexec.exe -ArgumentList "/i `"$msiPath`" /qn" -Wait

# Restart Explorer after the installation.
Stop-Process -Name explorer
Start-Process explorer


Thank you, I will try this today and let you know if this works

EDIT: The installation does succeed but explorer closes and does not reopen again.

I’m changing the Intune install behaviour to force a restart. Will post the results.

Just posting this here for anyone facing this problem.

Deploying the msi with “/qn” command-line options as a packaged Win32 app in Intune did not work. Explorer would close and not re-open again, installation would fail.

Deploying with the PowerShell script above as a packaged Win32 app would install but Explorer would close and not re-open.

The only workaround is the deploy the PowerShell script as a packaged Win32 app and change the device restart behaviour option to ‘Intune will force a mandatory device restart’. Explorer closes then soon after the machine should reboot with the app successfully installed.

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