MSI install fails to complete the upgrade, same version after reboot. Forced to upgrade & reboot again

NetDrive version: 3.6.498
Windows/Mac Version: Server 2016

The current live version reported that an upgrade was available. Downloaded & executed the msi installation as instructed and it too reported a reboot was required (Not good on servers). After the reboot the installed version was the same and it then prompted to do an upgrade & install, with a reboot, before the new version was actually installed.

Please try again with following version. FYI, NetDrive 3.6 is currently a beta version and it is not recommended with production server.

.503 is already posted, do you still want me to try 502?

503 includes another fix. Please try 503.

Prompted me to download & update automatically which I did and it required a reboot still

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