Missing dll, Netdrive3 does not start

NetDrive version: 3
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 7

Today I received the message from Netdrive3 “MSVCP140.dll missing. Netdrive cannot start”.

I did not change the system, till yesterday it worked.

Trying to reinstall MS Visual C++ runtime 2005 failed, as “another version is already installed”.

Any hints what to do?

Best regards

You should try to install ‘Visual C ++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015’ not 2005.

“Visual C++ runtime cannot be installed as another version is already installed”. Reinstalling Netdrive 3 does not work either as “service cannot be started” stops the install.

Very uncomfortable.

Another glitch: Netdrive3 cannot be repaired or deinstalled as well. Deinstall seems to work, but nothing is deleted, notebook is not restarted.

No chance to get rid of the faulty program? Really?

11/13/18: Trying to reinstall results in automatic roll-back. No installation possible. Probably spent the money in vain.

Hello jsg.

Which version NetDrive is installed on your pc?

I recommend that download the latest version 3.6.571 from our download page and install it.
Then you can uninstall it from “Add/Remove program” in control panel.


Hello jsg

If you have a problem with Visual C ++ Redistributable, could you try to uninstall and reinstall Visual C ++ Redistributable?

I will attach all the necessary Microsoft Visual C ++ redistributable package to run NetDrive.
vcredist.zip (40.6 MB)

Uninstall and reinstall it and try to install NetDrive.