MegaSync on Terramaster NAS

Since some month, we a re some people to have probleme with sync on our Terramaster NAS with the application CloudSync.
Terramaster doesn’t know how to to answers us.
We cannot connect our Mega account on CloudSync, we already have the error : “operation failed”.
Of course, the ID ans password are ok (Take in Google Password Vault) and the internet connexion is ok without firewall.

Can you check this issue?


Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the delayed response. We recently had our Korean National Thanksgiving holiday, which lasted for 6 days, and it caused a slight delay in our response time. We appreciate your understanding.

Are you trying to sync between Mega and Terramaster NAS?

Hello, no probléme, I understand.

Yes, I have CloudSync official application of Terramaster App Center and I try to sync my account with my NAS in Bidirectionnal mode.
When I write my ID and password, I always have this error: “Operation failed”

I already have try to uninstall and reinstall app with deleting files ans deleting the folder app but I always have this error.

I choose “MegaDisk” when I create my connection butI have the impression that the connection is not to but to (another Cloud service) no?
I’m not alone with this issue : MEGA - Page 2 - TerraMaster Official Forum


I’m sorry but CloudSync is a standalone application from Bdrive Inc. and it seems that the application you mentioned is a CloudSync application from Terramaster App Center.

We cannot find any license of CloudSync from your email address.