Mapping Drive only in one User Session

Hello Support,

is it possible to map WEB DAV for only one User on Terminalserver?

I mapped one WEB DAV Folder and it is mapped in each user session…

Thanks in advance

Tim Frye

If you have team license your mount will only be accessible to your account.

With personal license mounted drive is visible to all users on the same Windows machine.

Soy nuevo en Netdrive3.

  1. Con licencia personal, ¿cuántas licencias son necesarias para acceder con 1 usuario en 3 PCs distintos?

  2. ¿Como se puede forzar por CMD (Line command) el desconectar un device?

Gracias por responder.

Hi @alfonso-2f6f,

Your question is answered on your private message and I’m closing this topic.