Mapping cloud storage to a FOLDER on an existing physical local hard drive

I love your product, but there is one thing I need to do that I don’t see how to do.

I have many different cloud storage accounts across various services. I also have a large 12TB hard drive on my laptop (the D: drive)

I want to be able to map all my google drive accounts in one subfolder of the D: drive, my dropbox accounts into another subfolder and my OneDrive accounts into yet another. I also have a PCLOUD account. If you had this capability I would convert my personal and business accounts to your solution (including CloudSync) immediately.

Is this possible? And if so how?

Dear dmcichy,

Thank you for interesting in NetDrive.

Unfortunately, NetDrive cannot map to a subfolder on a physical local disk. Each local drive or network drive can be used.


Are there plans to add this capability?

I hope so, because the strategy of only allowing a cloud folder to map to an disk drive letter is fatally flawed for a few reasons:

  1. Many folks and especially businesses have MULTIPLE cloud accounts and will quickly run out of drive options

  2. In team environments, drive letters consistency from machine to machine will be extremely difficult to guarantee no conflict with already fixed or auto assigned drive letters

Surely, you all plan on adding this capability. In my opinion, being able to MOUNT A SUBFOLDER and NOT JUST A DRIVE LETTER, should be a number one priority for your development team. I would wager that you have a massive segment of the folks who have seen and like your product sitting on the sidelines waiting for just this capability.

My two cents. Again, love what you are doing, but this is a big miss for me

Dear dmcichy,

Thank you for your proposal. We will discuss with our develop team.


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