Login failed becuase communication with the server failed netdrive


We are having issues with connecting a computer to netdrive. Works on other computers but not on one.
Error is;
login failed because communication with the server failed. Please check your proxy or internet connection.


Thank you for using NetDrive.

The error occurs if NetDrive is not able to reach api.bdrive.com server.

Please try again or check the connection to api.bdrive.com.

Or if your pc is under proxy, please configure it.


How do I make my computer reach api.bdrive.com?

Please open api.bdrive.com with your web browser.

Can the browser open the site?

Yes the site opens

Is your pc under proxy?

No, Its set to auto proxy like all other computers

I can help you having a remote session.

If you want to, please let me know AnyDesk address. I am available now.

If you are not available now, let me know the time when you are available with UTC.

AnyDesk can be downloaded from Download AnyDesk for Free.

ID is as below;

Can I connect now?

Yes you can connect now

The connection is disconnected.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate.


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