iTunes sync error 54

I have been using mac for the last 3 years. But I haven’t faced any error in it. But last night I faced an iTunes sync error 54 in it. Can anyone please tell me how to fix it?


Could you explain more details to figure out?


Windows 10 users might encounter iTunes sync error 54 with iOS devices due to some incorrect permission issues. Many Mac users were faced this type of error including myself also. i think, you will get help from It will be helpful for any type of iPhone related problem.

Usually, the iTunes error 54 appears while trying to sync the iOS device with the Windows 10 device.
So, as an initial step, you can restart the Windows device as well as the iOS device to fix this issue.
The next solution would be to update the iOS device and iTunes.
Well, if these didn’t help, then you can read the “How to Fix iTunes Error -54 on Windows 10” article. Here you will get the complete solution to fix this issue out.

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