It is blocked until the computer starts again

NetDrive version: 3.4.214
Windows/Mac Version: high sierra 10.12.6

I am using NetDrive version 3.4.214 on macos high sierra version 10.12.6.

I can not do it again after I close the program. it is blocked until the computer starts again. because of this reason ı can not use the program.

Can you find a solution?

Dear soner_alptuzun

Thank you for using NetDrive.
Your issue will be fixed and applied to the beta version for Mac.
I will let you know the url of beta version for Mac as soon as possible.


You can download the beta version for Mac from the following url.


I will try, thank you

Hello again,

I tried the program. it works fine. but it consumes 7 gb RAM. :frowning:

I will check it as soon as possible.


Could you let me know which process consume RAM so much?

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