Issues with "OneDrive for Business" accounts

NetDrive version: 3.8.898 [but I had the exact same issues with 3.8.900 as well]
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10 (latest version)

Hi there,

I am experiencing issues with my OneDrive for Business accounts. Here are some of the error messages I receive:

On the main NetDrive client: “Connection error”"

Then I click on “Config” and I see the following error msg: “Connection error. Please try again by pressing the CONNECT button.”

After I click the CONNECT button, my browser opens and the “Authentication Completed … You can close this browser tab.” screen appears. [NOTE: I am not logged into my OneDrive account via the browser!]

And then the following error appears on the NetDrive client: “Authentication with OneDrive for Business has failed”

And this happens with all of my OneDrive for Business accounts! [NOTE: My normal non-business OneDrive account is fine]

I’ve also attached a log and screenshots.


netdrive_03 netdrive_04

Please advise.


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Please rollback to 3.8.888.

We will release a hot fix version.

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@ysh When comes the hot fix and where can I find it?


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