Issue File lock service not available

I have an issue with file lock.
I have this message error on my taskbar:
File lock service not available

It seems there are also other user’s with the Same issue.
Is there already a fix for this or still not resolved?
Any updated news about this issue?

It seems that the file lock service is working fine now. Please check again.

There were issue reports about file lock service and it seems that the issue is on server-side.
We uses AWS EC2 instance for push messages and sometimes the connection is unstable.
We will check our server configurations again and search for more stable solutions.

Thanks for your feedback.

Dea Netdrive Team.
I checked and i confirm i still do not have access to the file lock service.
Still the same issue on the taskbar icon: " [File lock service not available)
Please ket us know as soon as you have a fix.
Thank you.

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