Is there no significant impact on the local PC and network?

NETDRIVE3 seems to have no network load at the moment, but if we use it with 300 users, will 100 GMBPS of bandwidth(Garantee) be sufficient?

In DROPBOX itself app case, when selective synchronization is performed, it seems that a DB is first created and a very large disk space is allocated, and then the disk space is reduced to about one-tenth of the original size, So we could not synchronize all 45TB files. In NETDRIVE3, the entire tree in DROPBOX looks smooth (45TB in our case), but is there any impact of synchronization on the local PC? I am happy if there is no significant impact on the local PC and network.

There is no significant import on the local PC and network if you use NetDrive because with NetDrive only files accessed will be downloaded and uploaded.

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User voice
When I open heavy files via netdrive
I feel as if the movement becomes very slow.

When opening a 400MB xdw file
It takes a long time to load a page, and the page feed is in slow motion.
slow motion.

Is it inevitable because of the specification?

In the case of DROPBOX’s standard provided application, large files such the said above are divided by 4M bytes and can be opened etc. at the same time as downloading, so it may not be stressful. In the case of NETDRIVE, it does not use the functionality of the API of DROPBOX’s standard communication, and in NETDRIVE In the case of NETDRIVE, the upload and download are performed by NETDRIVE function , without using the standard communication API functionality of DROPBOX, which may be why it seems slow.

Is there any way to speed up uploads and downloads?

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When you open the file for the first time, it will be downloaded from Dropbox, so it may take some time.

If you want us to check for any other issues with the file operation, you can send us the debug log files for review. If you would like an inspection, please let us know.



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