Is netdrive good for me case


I am searching for tool for small team (3 people) collaborating on projects involving autocad files. Is netdrive good for my use case:

  • data is stored on ftp server
  • when one person opens file in Autocad it is locked from other people to modify it.
  • When person closes Autocad file others can modify it.
  • Updated version is available to other users, what I mean when other user opens autocad file it will be version stored on ftp not a local cache.

Can someone comment if netdrive will be good for this scenario?



Thank you for interest in NetDrive.

Unfortunately, file lock is not automatic in NetDrive.

A user must lock the file before using a file and unlock the file after finishing to use file.

To open a updated file not a local cached, open the file after executing “Refresh” menu.

You can try it within free trial 7 days.


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