Is CloudSync right for me?

Hello, All.

I’m evaluating purchasing a lifetime license, but I would first like to know if it’s right for me and the trial available just doesn’t cut it to evaluate my use case, I believe.

I have multiple PCs and my stuff is stored in Google Drive. My local file structures are such that I need to be able to select where in my local drive I want synced folders to be located, I also need to be able to sync different folders to different locations, either within the same local drive or within other local drives, internal or external (USB). I need to have all my files locally stored and two-way synced so that all computers always have everything and everything is always up to date. I usually handle 5 GB files. Whenever I set-up a new computer, I just make a full copy of my existing file structure and configure my syncing solution, so I expect it to check and compare everything with the online repository before actually attempting to sync anything, it might sound absurd to clarify this, but I’ve had other apps just ignore this critical step (or I believe it to be critical, am I mistaken?) and just go ahead and upload everything, leaving me with a ton of duplicate files and folders.

Anyway, I thank you all!

Dear ggutierrezf,

Thank you for interesting in CloudSync.
You can sync a folder of a cloud storage with a folder of local folder. Of course, the folder can be another cloud storage.
Please note that CloudSync works in a unidirectional manner, meaning it syncs data only from the source to the destination and not the other way around.


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