Inconsistent file lock

We are trialling NetDrive3 to a WebDAV server on a Qnap.
The connection is fine, but the file locking doesn’t seem to be working, or sometimes does, but then stops.
Can someone:a) confirm that this product DOES provide file locks for files accessed both inside the office and then external users accessing the same files in NetDrive3. b) what the settings should be in able for it lock successfully.
PS I have emailed support but had no response.

Dear Customer,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Our technical support team have the biggest national holiday season till Wednesday, and they will get back to you on their earliest working hour on Thursday Sep 23, 2021 (UTC +9).

Thanks for your patience.

Best regards.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

File Lock Service is available in a same drive item of a user or in a same item of TeamDrive. Have you created a team drive item?


No I haven’t created a TeamDrive, these items are in the same drive of a user.

Can you confirm the settings required to ensure the file lock happens please?

Dear Simon,

In order for multiple people to use the file lock function together, they need to log in with a team account, create a Team Drive Item and use the file lock function.


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